About Da’Ville, Reggae Artist

Introducing Da’Ville, also known as Turii Maysun, a dynamic and unwavering recording artist and music producer with a mission to spread love, peace, hope, and happiness globally. Da’Ville’s commitment to these goals shines through his skillfully composed lyrics and melodious masterpieces that resonate deep within the soul.

Born Orville Thomas on January 24, 1976, in Kingston, Jamaica, Da’Ville is the first child of reggae icon Nkrumah “Jah” Thomas and Claire Wright. Guided by the disciplined hand of his grandmother, Ms. Fema, Da’Ville’s early years were shaped by church choir performances, sparking a profound passion for music.

Inspired by his father, Jah Thomas, a prominent figure in the reggae industry, Da’Ville embarked on a musical journey surrounded by recording studios and legendary acts. His immersion in the enchanting world of music led to the development of his versatile skills as a singer-songwriter and record producer, dedicated to elevating his audience.

Beginning his career as the lead vocalist of the reggae group ARP (A Raw Perspective) in the early ’90s, Da’Ville recorded hits like “Missing You,” “Storm,” and “Heaven On Earth.” Transitioning to a solo career in 2001 under Penthouse Records, he produced chart-topping singles such as “Dem Would a Love It” and “Cruzin.”

In 2005, Da’Ville ventured into writing and producing his own music, releasing the successful album “In Heaven” in 2005 and “Can’t Get Over You” in 2006. These albums featured hits like “On My Mind” and “Can’t Get Over You,” propelling him to international acclaim. Endorsements from brands like Nike and collaborations with recording companies like Ki/oon and Sony Music followed.

In 2017, Da’Ville embraced a new identity, Turii Maysun, inspired by the profound impact of fatherhood and the birth of his sons, Thor and Mason. Now, as Turii Maysun, he is fully immersed in creating his next album.

Da’Ville envisions his music evolving and promises great things from his future ventures. As he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming album, anticipate nothing less than exceptional music that reflects his authentic self and leaves a lasting impact on his supporters. Get ready for the extraordinary journey ahead with Da’Ville, a maestro of musical innovation.